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Owning property in Dubai comes with many benefits, however, it also means taking care of utilities, mortgages and maintenance. Whether you own a villa or an apartment, it is important to carry out regular maintenance and repairs, which reduces the chances of surprise breakdowns and increase the life of your home systems. Fortunately, there are a number of home maintenance companies in Dubai that offer a range of services and packages, that include pest control, water tank cleaning, plumbing, handyman and electrical services.

When the maintenance of a building is neglected, it has the potential to lead to degrade and decay. In the long run, it can have harmful effects and can turn into a threat to the safe of the occupants. It is for reasons such as these that property owners turn to the experts offering assistance with building maintenance and management services.

At Ejadah, we deliver our building maintenance services in Dubai through our Idama vertical, which is one of the most forward thinking and trusted building management companies in UAE. With a strong belief in their motto of ‘prevention is better than cure’, we boast of a team of expert engineers with solid experience to their credit. With world-class preventative maintenance systems and programs in place, we are in the position to ensure that buildings experience minimum future disruption.

We work differently.

Best Building Maintenance Services

The services we offer through our building management company in Dubai have been designed to fulfill the needs of our clients, irrespective of whether you require a permanent on-site presence or even a one-time service. We have the ability to cover both planned preventative maintenance tasks along with responsive emergency covers. Over the years, we have developed a specialised team with an expertise in predictive maintenance and risk management solutions aimed at ensuring the best management of our clients’ assets.

From core engineering services, including the complex maintaining of heating and ventilation systems, to a variety of soft services such as landscaping and cleaning, we assure our clients peace of mind. As a highly reputed building maintenance company in Dubai

Building Maintenance Solutions

ortified with impeccable experience and equally impressive track record of uncompromised customer satisfaction, we offer all-inclusive building maintenance and renovation services in Dubai, UAE. With us, you will be tendered with complete support with respect to all your building maintenance and renovation requirements as per your requirements and preferences. Our service packages do not just involve offering maintenance services but also securing all the required clearances and certifications from all governmental departments and statutory bodies. We also are equipped with all the required facilities and capabilities to ensure that effective liaising and consulting with various architects and contractors to come up with excellent and outstanding drawings to make your requirements come alive. As a client-centric building maintenance and renovation services provider in Dubai, UAE, we can meet all your requirements regardless of the stringent specifications, requirements and aesthetic visions you might have. We have a strong and unblemished track record of offering exceptionally value- adding and affordable services to all our clients so much so that they always sing our praise. The returning and referred clients always make a large part of our clientele who is always growing in number and scope.

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